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Review for The O Mattress

This has actually been the best experience as far as ordering anything over the phone. As a disabled person I have struggled with finding the correct bed, and this is defiantly going to be the best bed for me. For 2 months I have had to sleep in a recliner because of struggling with hemaparalysis, and not having the proper bed. Alexandra has made this experience perfect for me, as I struggled through computer issues of doing it online she has done my approval over the phone and was so diligently and patient with me to get me approved, I do believe that patience is a virtue and she is a gem at that! I do believe everything happens for a reason and me opening up my Facebook this morning and seeing this link for the Omni Mattress was a blessing for me! As a disabled person on a fixed income with an 8 year old Autistic son, it is somewhat hard to get approved for things that deal with credit, but this experience was a blessing with no questions asked! I would highly recommend the Omni Bed to anyone, not just because of the quality of the mattress itself but for the professionalism of the staff, they make the experience good or difficult turn into a blessing!! They have the best patience, I highly recommend speaking with Alexandra for your approval as you may have to contact them over the phone! Do me a favor give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!!

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