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Sleep Posture: How Your Sleeping Position Affects Your Health

Sleep Posture: How Your Sleeping Position Affects Your Health

We at Omni Mattress™ know the secret to a good sleep. A memory foam mattress gives you a good night sleep every night. But with all the sleeping tricks and the best mattress in the market, you still must look at yourself for good sleeping. Conditions such as sleep apnea, acid reflux, and sleep paralysis also affect the quality of your rest, and we at Omni Mattress want you to get the most out of your mattress with the best sleeping positions for your health.

Sleep postures tell a lot about you and affects your body in ways we don’t normally think about. Let’s check out how sleep posture affects your health, and what sleep postures to use for your specific sleep issues.

Sleeping on Your Stomach

Is sleeping on your stomach good for you? Approximately 7% of people sleep on their stomach. Stomach sleepers sleep in the freefall position, where your arms wrap around the pillow. Sleeping on your stomach is good for you if you have sleep apnea, you snore, or you suffer from acid reflux or heartburn.

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Sleeping on your stomach also increases stress on your spine and joints. You can also feel tingling and numbness in your muscles. Stomach sleeping is also hard on your neck. People with spine, joint, and muscle pain should sleep on their back or side instead.

Stomach sleeping might not be the best for your muscles and bones, but at least you’re fun at parties!

Sleeping on your Side

Side sleepers most sleepers out there. Over 41% of people sleep in the fetus position, on the side with arms and legs tucked in. 15% of people sleep with their legs straight and arms to the side, or the log position, while 13% stretch their arms out in the yearner position.

Side sleeping has great sleep health benefits. Reduced joint and lower back pain, relief from chronic pain, reduced snoring, better sleep for your digestive health, and better for your brain. That’s right, great sleep hygiene for your brain. At night your brain clears toxins, and side sleeping is the best for cleaning out all that gunk in your head!

The downside of sleeping on your side is it’s not the best for your beauty sleep. Side sleeping makes the body sag and contributes to wrinkles. Also, your shoulder may get sore, and a misaligned spine brings back pain. That’s why our O Mattress™ is so firm and supporting!

Side sleepers come in many varieties. A log sleeper might be a social butterfly. While a yearner might be secretly suspicious but outwardly open, a fetal position sleeper is the exact opposite.

Sleeping on your Back

Few people sleep on their back. The soldier position, where the arms are to the side, makes up 8% of sleepers, while the starfish position, with arms and legs outstretched, are 5% of sleepers everywhere. With the health benefits of sleeping on your back, it’s the rest of the sleepers who miss out!

Back sleepers have their spine, neck, and head in a neutral position, great for relieving neck pain. Sleeping on your back is also good for heartburn, reducing sinus buildup and tension headaches, avoids creases and wrinkles, and reduces pressure and compression, therefore easing chronic conditions. Snorers and people with sleep apnea should avoid sleeping on their back. Same for people with lower back pain. Otherwise, it’s one of the best ways to sleep.

What does sleeping on your back say about you? If you sleep soldier style you are reserved, while a starfish sleeper are skilled listeners.

However You Sleep, Sleep Well on an O Mattress

No matter what sleep position you choose, your night’s rest begins at your mattress. Gone are the days of the stuffed feather mattress and the innerspring. We don’t sleep country style in the 21st century! These days we use space-age memory foam for the best rest. That’s why for the best sleep you need an O Mattress™ from Omni Mattress™. It’s three layers of gel-infused memory foam comfort, sandwiched together in the perfect combination of firmness and support for stomach, side, and back sleepers.

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