Who can apply for the Omni Rebate Program and how much do I get?

Consumers who make all payments on time as required under the third party finance agreement will be eligible for a specified mail in rebate of up to $500 per O Mattress™ mattress after the third year anniversary of their sales agreement date. This rebate is only available for consumers who finance their mattress purchase under the third party finance agreement. In order to be eligible for the rebate, the Customer is required to use the rebate application process on the Omni Mattress™ website to apply for the rebate from Omni Mattress™ within the thirty (30) day period following the third year anniversary of the date of the Agreement. Failure to apply within the thirty (30) day period, or to meet all of the payment obligations on time under the finance agreement, will result in the consumer not being eligible for the rebate.  Rebates are available only on eligible transactions with sales agreement dated on or after September 20th, 2021. O Mattress™ rebates are as follows: Single Mattress: $100.00; Double Mattress: $200.00; Queen Mattress: $400.00; or King Mattress: $500.00.

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