Kingsdown American Mattress Success

Kingsdown, Inc. is an American-made mattress success story.

Let’s go back to the beginning.

Kingdown starts as The Mebane Bedding Company, which W.W. Corbett and A.N. Scott create. Their mission is to create an American-made mattress. In their factory in Mebane, NC, they make hand-crafted mattresses for the high-end market. The Kingsdown Mattress is their flagship product, made from cotton, corn husks, and innersprings.

It is from those humble beginnings that Mebane transforms the industry.

From there, they later adopt the Kingsdown, Inc. moniker from their marquis line in 1970. From there it becomes a household name in American-made mattresses. Kingsdown gains more companies, such as Owen & Co. and Cooper Mattress, until they set up more factories in England, Australia, Canada and the United States. Their network of licensees grows in Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East.

The company avoids the flurry of mergers and buyouts that come with most major mattress companies in the 80’s and 90’s. The company remains independent, and Mebane is born throughout its existence.

Mebane, NC even recognizes their contribution to their community with their own ‘Kingsdown Day.’

More Than Local

But it is not only about the company’s impact on their local community. They are known for innovations in sleep research and product development. When steel rationing hits every manufacturer in the 1940’s, the company develops their own wood and steel bed spring to save on metal. Considering the changing tastes of customers, the company begins to innovate with coil-on-coil construction and hand-tufted bedding.

Also, much like Mattress Omni, Kingsdown considers research and development to be essential to developing a better sleep. The Sleep to Live Institute even stems from the company, which an independent sleep lab responsible for the development of Scientific Measurement and Response Technology (SMART). Which improves a Kingsdown product’s ability to adjust to a sleeper’s weight, size, and movements.

As a 2 billion dollar per year business, Kingsdown is seen as one of the titans of the industry. It’s a sign of the times however that the underdog can find a market that the big dog doesn’t. Mattress Omni has The O Mattress; a versatile memory foam suitable for all sleepers and available to anyone, even those with bad credit or no credit. Apply now for guaranteed financing and easy shipping straight to your door!

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