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How you can effortlessly improve your credit while you sleep

Did you know the average person spends one-third of their life in bed?!

Omni Mattress makes sure that huge chunk of time is the most comfortable and restful it can be.

But money stress can have a significant impact on your sleep quality!

It’s well known now that lack of sleep can negatively affect your physical health and mental health. Many articles, surveys, and reports become available each year with new research and information stating just how much.


In January, CTV News shares an article on how a lack of sleep can lead to depression, with information from a Science Direct study.

The article states, “These findings suggest that sleep disruption can affect the cognitive ability required to shift our attention away from negative stimuli.”

Another article from CTV News shows how Canada’s employees who suffer from sleep deprivation cost the country 80,000 working days every year.

“Someone who sleeps less than six hours per night has a 13 percent higher mortality risk than an individual who gets what’s considered a healthy amount of sleep—between seven and nine hours,” it states.

Last year, Statistics Canada shares information with the public on insufficient sleep with Canadians.

“Insufficient sleep (short duration and poor quality) is associated with a range of adverse health outcomes,” the article says, “including obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, injuries, all-cause mortality, depression, irritability, and reduced well-being.”

Bad sleep and bad stress can go hand in hand. The O Mattress takes that away.


Earlier this month, Advisor specifies in the article, “Canadians Top Financial Regrets” that, “… money is many Canadians’ greatest source of stress—more so than health, work, and relationships,” according to a recent survey. Likewise, “Four-in-10 Canadians (41%) rank money as their greatest stress and 48% say they’ve lost sleep because of financial worries.”

Everyday Health shares information from multiple sources, including the American Sleep Association, and Psychological Science on how financial stress can lead to unhealthy behavior. This includes but is not limited to depression, heart disease, and insomnia. Along with the unhealthy behavior, according to a 2017 survey, “45 percent (of respondents) report lying awake at night at least once a month.”

So, we have clarified and proven how financial stress can = bad sleep.

People are on top of their mattress than any other furniture in their homes. But, buying a mattress is typically not on the top of a person’s priority list because of the enormous price tag. You probably have too much stress in your life to worry about your mattress. Finances perhaps?

Ready for a solution?

The best mattress need not be stressful for you or your bank account. A cheap AND great quality mattress is possible! Omni Mattress improves your credit score while you sleep.

Beyond that, we’ll help you discover credit score possibilities you didn’t think were possible.

How so?

Dremaing about better credit


It is easy to lease our memory foam O Mattress matress in a box on our flexible terms and payment options. PLUS, but you build a credit history in the process! Bad credit or no credit, you get guaranteed instant approval.

Great health shouldn’t depend on your bank account. Everyone deserves to get a restful, healthy, and comfortable sleep every single night. Without being kept awake by financial stress!

Are you thinking, “But I have unique sleep requirements! How could you only have one type of mattress?!”

Many years of meticulous research went into designing and making our perfect medium-firm mattress, making it the best mattress for back sleepers because it provides lumbar support. Ideal for front sleepers also because of its pressure points removal. It is even the best mattress for side sleepers because it aligns the sleeper’s spine appropriately.

Do you sleep hot, much the same as most Canadians? (Especially during the heat waves we’ve been getting!) The O Mattress cover makes sure you sleep cool and comfortable all night long. Its breath-ability and airflow wicks away heat and even has a striking quilted design.

One of the three layers of Omni Foam further keeps you cool all night with cooling gel memory foam. This OmniCool foam combines with the Luxury Foam’s ideal measure of bounce and support, as well as the resilient Compression Foam’s reduction of motion transfer. Your partner will thank you, and you’ll both be morning people in no time.

Just ask our customers what they think!

9 week Mattress


Besides FREE SHIPPING of the Canadian made and designed mattress in a box to your door, finance payments start at only $9.99 a week! Besides that, the O Mattress comes with an industry leading 20-year warranty!

Our goal is to find our customers best way to save money, while getting what they need, even with bad finances. What is a good credit score for you and your family? We’ll figure it out together. With our O Mattress, you can relax and sleep happy knowing your credit is building.

Ready to experience the best nights sleep every night while improving your finances at the same time?



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