Boxing Day 

If you’re like a lot of Americans, you’re probably wondering, “What is Boxing Day? And why is it such a big deal?”

Maybe you heard of Boxing Day from one of your Canadian, Australian or UK friends. Maybe they looked at you as though you grew a third eye when you told them you had to come into work the day after Christmas. Perhaps you heard of it as a local peculiarity. Such as in Massachusetts where Boxing Day is a state holiday. Or you live in one of the other states that observe Boxing Day, such as Kansas, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. Maybe you heard of an online store with a mattress Boxing Day Sale and you wanted to take advantage!

You may have heard about Boxing Day on the news. Maybe you heard the nonsense that needs debunking, such as Boxing Day is an excuse to stare at boxes, fight relations in a boxing match. Or toss out your old boxes the day after Christmas. America can enjoy the savings on Boxing Day too

These days it’s all about the Boxing Week sales. But it wasn’t always about returning unwanted Christmas gifts to your local department store.

For those not in the know, we here at Mattress Omni are here to give you Boxing Day facts. Why it’s such an awesome day to find a mattress sale, and why you’ll hear more on the specials.

The Origins of Boxing Day 

Boxing Day, much like Christmas before it, can trace its origins deep in the past. Unlike Christmas however, it’s more recent. That is if you call 17th century recent.

It goes back to Saint Stephen’s Day. A religious holiday that commemorates Saint Stephen, the first martyr. Boxing Day is Saint Stephen’s Day’s secular cousin.

The spirit of giving, in line with the Christmas season, was strong during Boxing Day. The tradition starts with servants and serfs in 17th century Britain. Back then, because the servants work for their employers and masters on Christmas Day, they miss out on celebrating Christmas. To make up for it, servants have ‘Christmas boxes’ which the masters fill with gratuities and gifts. They put money, delicious food, bolts of cloth, tools and other gifts were in the Christmas box. Which the servants take to their families on Boxing Day.

Another theory points to the churches of the time, who put out Christmas boxes to collect money for the poor. On the day after Christmas they, give the money out.

The Traditions Grow

The day eventually becomes a bank holiday in the United Kingdom, but that’s not the only place! A lot of British Commonwealth countries decide they love the idea and adopt it too. Canada, Ireland, Trinidad and Tobago, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand, even Hong Kong get in on the action.

As Boxing Day grows, new traditions spring up everywhere. Boxing Day’s a great time to catch the big game, whether it’s a soccer or rugby match, an ice hockey tournament. For some countries, even cricket has major matches! Sports can be huge on Boxing Day, but it isn’t all professional leagues. Particular traditions have fallen out of favor, such as the annual Boxing Day fox hunt (good riddance!).

But if you’re looking for good old American Football, you’re out of luck. The big game happens before Christmas Eve. But that’s okay, because Boxing Day may not be such a big deal in our country, but there’s one thing everyone can enjoy, and that’s the shopping!

Boxing Day as a Major Shopping Day Those who prefer to shop online can take advantage of Boxing Day savings too

You can blame Canada and the UK for bringing to us yet another awesome reason to save money on your lease to own mattress purchase this festive season.

Just how we have Black Friday as our biggest shopping day of the year, the Boxing Day Sale is one of the biggest shopping days of the year for bargain hunters outside the US. It’s a great excuse for stores to clear out excess Christmas inventory. While bargain hunters line up at stores like it was Black Friday to find the greatest deals on everything from housewares to electronics. And yes, you can even find a Boxing Day mattress sale to improve your sleep without breaking the bank

For our neighbors to the north, Boxing Day was another way to fight back against huge bargains from our stores. Just as when they adopted Black Friday as their own. Canadian shoppers, as hungry for a bargain as the rest of us, flocked south to save money. So Canadian stores held Boxing Day promotions. To combat the effects of the great recession, they expand the day to an entire week of super sales and wholesale clearance madness.

Boxing Day sales are creeping into the USA. And because we know a good idea when we see one. Before you ask, “Are there boxing day sales in the USA?” We’ve been adopting Boxing Day USA sales ourselves. Just ask us how you can save on a memory foam mattress!

Mattress Omni Boxing Day Savings

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