St. Patrick’s Day History

Mattress Omni Takes you on a journey with St. Patrick

It’s been a long winter, hasn’t it?! But don’t worry because spring is coming! What’s the best way to shake off those last winter days and welcome in the new spring season? Nothing beats busting the winter blues like St. Patrick’s Day! Green food and green beer await before the long Lent to Easter! After […]

Strange Sleep Habits of Presidents

Omni Mattress writes about the strange sleep habits of Presidents

The President of the United States of America is the most demanding job in the world. It’s no joke; as president, you’re a diplomat, a negotiator, a fighter, a peacemaker, a businessperson, a cheerleader, and a humanitarian. Sometimes all in the same day! And that’s on top of holding all the responsibilities and living up […]

Discover the Best Mattress for Valentine’s Day

A memory foam mattress for your relationship

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and you know what that means? Flowers and chocolates? A night on the town and dinner for two at a fancy and expensive restaurant? A movie or a show, basking in each other’s mutual affection as you cuddle close and show the world how much in love you are? Well […]

The Bewildering Black Friday History

How Black Friday came to be is an interesting story.

We all know about Black Friday shopping. The best Black Friday deals of 2018 have been everywhere for months now! It’s one of the biggest shopping days of the entire year. It’s certainly a big day for us at Mattress Omni! A lot of us are searching for early Black Friday sales, one-of-a-kind TV deals, brand-new […]

The Mattress Turkey Dump

Dump your old mattress this Thanksgiving like a good ol turkey dump.

It’s the holiday season once again, and you know what that means? The office parties, visiting with friends and loved ones, and tons of shopping. You can bet the next couple of months will be hectic! It kicks off with the Thanksgiving Day long weekend, with the Black Friday, Cyber Monday specials and Turkey Dump […]

TV Moms We Strive To Be Like

Omni Mattress shares the Mom's in television throughout the years that have inspired them.

“I cannot do this alone, I need my mommy and I don’t care who knows it.”-Rory Gilmore There are so many Supermoms out there! We don’t understand how you do it. You must have superpowers. You grow children inside of you for nine long months. Pick up calls in the middle of the night because […]

How Mattress Technology Transforms from Corn Husks to Sleep Science

It wasn't too long ago when material for mattresses were from the earth itself.

An American-made mattress company, Kingsdown, Inc. has for crafted quality mattresses for over a century from their headquarters in Mebane, NC. Though, Kingsdown wasn’t always named that. From its start in 1904 until 1970, it was known as The Mebane Bedding Company. Founded by W.W. Corbett and A.N. Scott, they set out to create a […]