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A meticulously crafted and balanced sleep experience. A mattress for all.

Exceptional pressure relief

pressure relief

Reduces tossing and turning

Reduces tossing
and turning

Dissipates heat quickly

Dissipates heat

Moisture wicking


The O Mattress™ Cover

The plush breathable O Mattress cover wicks away heat and moisture leaving you cool and refreshed in the morning. Features an attractive quilted design to encourage airflow and comfort. Zippered for easy removal.

2 inches ofOmniCool™Cooling Gel Memory Foam

Cool to the touch and keeps you cool all night long while providing maximum conformability

2 inches ofOmniEvolution™Luxury Foam

Featuring OmniBubble™ technology providing the right amount of support and spring

6 inches ofOmniFoundation™Compression Foam

Resilient foam for the ultimate in support reducing motion transfer and enhancing edge support

Industry leading 20 year warranty

Industry leading 20 year warranty

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  • Supportive for back sleepers by providing back and lumbar support
  • Supportive for side sleepers by properly aligning the spine
  • Supportive for front sleepers by removing pressure points

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