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Reviews for The O Mattress

New Bed for my grandson
Posted by Christopher R.

Bought it for my grandson who is staying with us. He really likes it.

Great Mattress
Posted by Tammy H.

This mattress meets all the claims. I have a good sleep with it. I love it

I Wake Up Feeling Refreshed and Rested
Posted by Chuck D.

I like the OMattress. I felt comfortable sleeping on my side, back and stomach. I woke up feeling refreshed and rested and with no areas of soreness from sleeping or laying overnight.

Beautiful and comfortable!
Posted by Kymberlea E.

This is my favorite mattress! It’s beautiful and comfortable.

Great bed, great price!
Posted by Willy W.

Great bed. Good price. excellent service. we are very happy so far.

Great Customer Service
Posted by Arthur S.

We had some questions before we made our purchase. The customer service was excellent. We have been sleeping on our mattress for 2 weeks. We are loving it.

Love it
Posted by Monette K.

Great mattress. Since owning the new mattress my back feels good when I wake up. That’s if I want to get up now!!!

Tried two others before OMattress
Posted by Jeff B.

We tried two other foam mattresses that we didn’t like before we ordered oMattress. My husband and I are keeping this mattress. The edge support is really good. I like the level of firmness. It’s not too soft and not too firm but just perfect!

Posted by Phil D.

I’ve been sleeping on this mattress for 2 weeks and it has changed my sleep. I highly recommend the Omattress. It’s so comfortable. I couldn’t be happier for the price I paid. Well worth it!

Very impressed!
Posted by Wayne D.

The mattress was a little to firm at first, but after a month it has gotten perfect. We are very happy with thus product.

I really loved the OMattress
Posted by Kristina D.

I really loved the OMattress Bed at first. It was such a great improvement over our old mattress.

I slept great the first night
Posted by Rina E.

I slept great the first night, it helps me feel more relaxed. So far no issues, Bought the queen because I like the size of the comfort zone I have.

Worth it
Posted by Kristen D.

Good Price. Great Mattress!

So comfortable!
Posted by Earl P.

I slept on Omattress and had the best nights sleeps.

Great Mattress With Amazing Value!
Posted by Danny S.

I got my Omattess a week ago and I am happy with it. I slept in it the first night I was surprised with the quality of sleep that I got. After a couple of days of use I would say that this mattress is one of the best I have ever slept on. I would recommend this mattress to my friends who looking for a foam mattress that is extremely comfortable, great quality.

Wonderful Foam Mattress
Posted by Rob T.

II’ve been on a spring mattress my whole life, so switching to a foam mattress is a transition. The more I sleep on it the more I like it though. It is a good product! The mattresses ship really fast, good service.

Great product!
Posted by Justin H.

I truly enjoy the mattress. Although it took a little while to receive, it was well worth the wait!

Better than a spring mattress
Posted by Steffanie S.

I have been using OMattress for about 1 week1 and so far I am pleased with it. Set up is easy. I used to wake up with severe back pain and had to wait a couple minutes before I could get out of bed. Now I don’t wake up with that anymore most of the time, and the one day a week that I do its not anywhere near the same as before.

Great sleep
Posted by Nacy C.

This mattress meets all the claims. I sleep great…Its a winner! …

Great Mattress
Posted by Mary C.

This mattress meets all the claims. I sleep great…Its a winner! …

Best night sleep ever !!!
Posted by Scott L.

Best night sleep ever !!!

We Love it!
Posted by Morgan M.

My wife and I have bought OMattress. It was extremely easy to set up and we have never slept better!! No more tossing and turning. Deep sleep has a new meaning. Wish we would have made the change earlier.

Much better than expected
Posted by Carson Y

I’ve had the mattress for 10 days. It is firm. It still continues to feel firm when I first lay down, but by the time I wake up, it feels like a medium. I have had the best nights’ sleep on this mattress.

Awesome Mattress
Posted by Shelby B.

Got the Mattress for our new house and it’s awesome. Ordered it online and it came right when I moved in. Easy setup and I was sleeping great from day one.

Quick, simple, and painless.
Posted by Bari H..

Transaction was very smooth. Delivery was quick. Easy to setup, and my husband and I love it!

Very positive!
Posted by Susan H.

The customer service has been great. There were a bunch of great reviews on your site. The shipping was really fast overall.

Great nights sleep and great customer
Posted by Randy W.

Great nights sleep and great customer service

I love the Omattress
Posted by Ben M.

I love the mattress.easy set up and delivered right to your doorstep.Very reasonable pricing. I highly recommend anyone to buy this mattress.

Its exactly what I was lookingfor
Posted by Chelsey C,

Its exactly what I was looking for. I purchased Omattress 12 weeks ago and my back say’s thank you every morning .Just hope it will not start sagging in the middle like the memory foam I had.

Great service!
Posted by Ron & Jean

I like order process, delivery time, and convenience. Customer service was great!

My daughter like it!
Posted by C and R.

Very good mattress for my daughter!

Very Easy Setup!
Posted by Clay S.

It is easy to set it up. Love it.

Good choice!
Posted by Sandra W.

My back doesn’t hurt much anymore and I feel a lot better in the morning. A good choice and it wasn’t too pricey either!

Greatest sleep ever!
Posted by Lisa K.

Greatest sleep ever!

We love our OMattress bed!
Posted by Crystal E.

We Love our OMattress! We have had it three month. it’s a queensized bed. It is everything they say it will be.It was well worth the money. we feel even better about it! You cannot go wrong with a oMattress!

Good support, a little hot
Posted by Yves M.

I have been using the OMattress bed for 1 month and I like it. I have the medium firm version. The only thing is that I still sleep a little hotter than I expected. However, overall, it was a very decent purchase”

Great sleep
Posted by Chris L.

We ended up sleeping on it and loved it so much. Been at least 10 nights and haven’t woken up with back pain one time. Highly recommend.

I'm Loving my Omattress!
Posted by France T.

I have my mattress 4 days and I am loving it.

I sleep on OMattress
Posted by Ashley L.

Great value for the price. I really like the results of my sleep on my OMattress. All in all I would highly recommend OMattress for the price, comfort and looks.

Great so far
Posted by Dariane M.

Easy to order, shipped fast, setup easy, and seems to be as comfortable and restful as advertised.

Love it!
Posted by David M.

Arrived in 4 days. My husband says at last no morning back pain.

Satisfied Customer
Posted by Lesley

I have had my Hyphen mattress about two weeks. It’s extremely comfortable and I get a great night’s sleep on it!

Mattress review
Posted by Nathaniel J.

I was very Leary about buying without trying but other reviews helped. So I add mine to the list. It’s a great mattress and a fantastic sleep

Very comfortable!
Posted by Jeffrey B.

Have only used for 10 days now, but sleeping well and low back feels better also. very pleased !

The fantastic OMattress
Posted by Sherry H.

Top quality and comfort at an affordable price. I am very pleased.

I like it!
Posted by Nick W

The bed is exactly as advertised. One of the best benefits is the cool nature of the bed. It keeps you cool at night. So far so good.

Great mattress
Posted by Lisa McGill

Having no hip pain during the night says it all, great mattress!

Worth the money
Posted by Drew P.

I can say after the initial adjustment period I am sleeping great. The plush side is perfect, its soft yet supportive enough for me and I’m a big guy.

Sleeping better
Posted by Audrey K.

It was easy to buy, easy to set up and so far so good.

Wonderful Sleep
Posted by Scott W.

I’ve not slept good for years do to injuries to back and knees.I can say I’m much more rested fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer now I love my bed

Overall a good mattress
Posted by Elena B.

I’m happy with it. Shipping was great.

Not too soft!! Just right for us
Posted by Michael M

The Omattress are deeper than most online mattresses and that was appealing to me. We have found it to be just right!!

We love our OMattress.
Posted by Amanda K.

We love our OMattress. It’s amazing!

Pleased with purchase
Posted by Jordan T.

It’s comfortable. Compared to our previous mattress. There are no pressure points and I sleep well on it.

Best mattress ever!
Posted by Lidia S.

I love this mattress!!! Before i got it my back hurt every morning and now after sleeping on the Omattress my back doesn’t hurt anymore! Its amazing!!!

Very comfortable Mattress
Posted by Debbie M.

Very comfortable bed to sleep in. I love everything about it

Great bed, great purchase experience
Posted by Drew P.

Great bed, great purchase experience.

Refreshed and Amazing Sleep
Posted by Tabitha K.

It’s definitely a lot better than my precious bed. I wake up without back pain and have gotten better sleep. I love it.

This mattress is fantastic.
Posted by Blair C

It’s seriously worth the money if you have troubles with your back. I and my husband can finally get to bed and get up with no pains or whatsoever. You won’t regret it.

Love our new mattress
Posted by Patrick D

Excellent customer service throughout the order process and all arrived on time.

Posted by Alain J

This mattress helps me greatly to feel refresed in the mornings!

So far so good!
Posted by Pamela K.

We’ve had our Omattress for 30 days now and the experience has been fantastic so far.

My new omattress
Posted by Jean-sebastien K.

Quality, excellent workmanship, exactly as advertised, delivered as promised, priced reasonably.

Queen mattress
Posted by Jeffrey H.

My husband and I decided to buy a queen mattress set. Our backs are better our hips are better and we get a great nights sleep. Just can’t say enough about the company. Priceless for better sleep!

Highly recommend
Posted by Cathy M.

Best customer service, mattress ever! Highly recommend buying from Omattress.

Excellent Mattress
Posted by Greg E.

I am sooo happy that I trusted the reviews and bought this mattress!! No more back pain and we’ve been sleeping like babies. Service was as advertised to, everyone very helpful!

Just Delivered!
Posted by J. Stewart

Delivery went very well. Been sleeping well since. I am glad I took the chance and ordered online which I have never done before with a mattress. Everything went smoothly and perfect fit and sleep.

So happy I have this bed
Posted by Jeanne

I did A LOT of researching as I was ready to buy a mattress. I really am glad I ordered from OMattress. This is THE most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on in my life. Easy orderinG and quick delivery!

Great Mattress & Great customer service
Posted by Teri J.

Best customer service, mattress ever! Highly recommend buying from OMattress.

Love it! Best Mattress I've
Posted by Beth

Super comfortable, my partner and I have been sleeping soundly ever since we got it! Love it

Posted by Susan N.

After seeing your mattress it looks very comfortable.

I Got Plenty of Satisfaction
Posted by Sherman Patton

I’m a person of few words. I love my mattress. The delivery was painless and prompt. I’m finally waking up each morning with no stiffness. The mattress is so comfortable. Worth every penny.

Absolutely amazing mattress
Posted by Kimberly L.

This is the wonderful mattress I have ever slept on. It feels cozy and supporting at the same time. I have and will continue to recommend this mattress to my friends. Love OMattress!!!!!

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