Halloween Ideas for the Covid Pandemic

For a lot of us, Halloween is the best time of the year! Halloween is the day when you realize that the Holiday Season is here! You get all the fun, the food, the festivities of the holiday season, and only a fraction of the stress. It’s the last true holiday where you can relax and have a little fun, with preparation at your own pace and with as much or as little as you want. Not that we don’t put maximum effort into our Halloween celebrations here at Omni Mattress; just look at our spooky sales on our O Mattress mattress, mattress fans! We have the mattress sales and financing options so amazing that they will spook you out!

Halloween is as much as you want to put in it, but the coronavirus, like with our spring and summer, wants to spoil our fun. Social distancing, masking up, hand sanitizer, and Covid-19 restrictions all plot to put the kibosh on our own little Day of the Dead. Do we let such little things stop us from celebrating Samhain? No, we don’t!

That’s why we at Omni Mattress have some ghoulishly good home Halloween holiday ideas to keep the party going, lockdown or no lockdown!

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Candy, Costumes, and Covid: This is Halloween, My Mattress Fans!

Covid-19 lockdowns have stopped a lot of fun over the last several months as we tried to flatten the curve. No concerts, no theatres, no big public gatherings. 2020 is the year fun forgot! But not for a lack of us trying. 2020’s also the year of DIY, as Canadian mattress fans found novel ways to entertain themselves by creating and doing at home. Halloween is the perfect time for some self-powered creativity as sleep fans crash on their memory foam mattress and brew up all sorts of crazy ideas. And it starts with the traditional trick-or-treating. Remember to check with local bylaws and lockdown restrictions first, my mattress fans!

 Since trick-or-treating happens in small groups, it doesn’t violate lockdown restrictions. Masks are a must. It’s Halloween, who isn’t masking up? The tricky part is at the door. Sanitize your outside surfaces to keep them safe, clean, and reduce the chance of Covid-19 transmission. Forget the baked treats here. You’ll want wrapped candies and fun-sized bars for added safety. To keep your distance, try leaving a bowl of treats, and a bottle of hand sanitizer, for self-service. Or if you’re worried about people taking advantage of an open-bowl policy, try the candy chute challenge. It doesn’t have to be boring and distant. Have some fun with it!

Come up with some elaborate, fun takes, from candy cranes to obstacle courses that make Rube Goldberg proud!

 For parents who don’t want their little ghouls and goblins roaming around the street, bring trick or treating to them with a Halloween tailgate party, or ‘trunk-or-treating’, at a local parking lot! There you can keep social distancing and invite friends and family you trust, all while giving the kids a real All Hallows Eve experience.

 But what if the lockdown is more strict, and you can’t go out? Being home-bound doesn’t mean Halloween’s over.

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Halloween at Home, and Mattress Movie Time

The outside world is under lockdown, but in your home, you make the rules. Instead of going out for Halloween, why don’t you bring Halloween to your home? There’s always the traditional Halloween party, with baked treats, bobbing for apples, the haunted house and scary movies, or have the adults come over for creepy cocktails and a witches’ brew of adult beverages. Family time or friend’s time, it’s a good time for food and drink. You’ll want to crash on your king size mattress mattress fans!

 Some areas restrict party sizes, even in your own home, so keep the party intimate. A half dozen is always a safe size for your Halloween celebration. Just enough for a family, perfect! Or maybe it’s a party of one or two? That’s perfectly fine! Sometimes the best celebrations are with the people closest to you.

No matter if it’s a party of one or a party of more, put on a costume for that sense of normalcy. Find some Halloween classics, from a Simpsons Halloween special marathon to some streaming horror recommendations once the kids are in bed. Don’t forget the Halloween treats, because face it, you’ve saved some from the prying hands of trick-or-treaters, didn’t you?

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I love my OMNI MATTRESS best sleep I can have, considering I suffer from fibromyalgia and always in pains and trouble sleeping. But, this bed is the best I ever slept on. I love no springs in my back.

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