St. Patrick’s Day History

Mattress Omni Takes you on a journey with St. Patrick

It’s been a long winter, hasn’t it?! But don’t worry because spring is coming!

What’s the best way to shake off those last winter days and welcome in the new spring season? Nothing beats busting the winter blues like St. Patrick’s Day! Green food and green beer await before the long Lent to Easter!

After a night of eating and drinking, you’ll want to sleep it off on an O Mattress from Mattress Omni! Trust us. It isn’t easy partying away the last days of winter, and spring is waiting for us to get out of our winter slumber.

So, we here at Mattress Omni don’t just want to give you a new appreciation for the night where everyone’s Irish. We want to give you the best sleep on St. Paddy’s Day. So, let’s take a (virtual) trip to the Emerald Isle, and see what makes St Patrick’s Day so great.

And pass along sleep tips for your O Mattress, so you can survive the morning after in tip-top shape!

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From Slave to Snake Charmer

Believe it or not, the patron saint of Ireland isn’t Irish! He might be Irish in spirit, but he’s actually a 5th-century Christian missionary from Roman Britain. His father and grandfather were priests in the church too, and most likely that’s where he was going.

When he was only 16 years old, Irish raiders abduct St. Patrick and take him to Ireland. For the next 6 years, he works as a slave. He’s tending flocks of sheep, until one day God
tells him to flee! When St. Patrick makes a run for it, he finds a
ship waiting on the coast.

After being saved from indentured servitude, you typically don’t want to go back to the place which enslaved you! But St. Patrick, after becoming a Christian priest, decides to go back to Ireland. There he evangelized to the Irish and grew a huge following.

It’s said he used the shamrock to teach the holy trinity, and that’s why the shamrock is such a huge symbol for St. Patrick’s Day. Allegedly, he even turned a walking stick into a living tree!

His most famous miracle, however, is chasing all the snakes out of Ireland. There has been no record of any snakes in Ireland, so you ophidiophobes (fear of snakes) can relax. Either St. Patrick did a great job, or the whole legend is a metaphor for the druids and Celtic religions which Christianity replaced.

Records show St. Patrick died on the 17th of March, which Christians mark as a holy day.

The St. Patrick’s Day We Know and Love

It’s strange to think how a solemn and peaceful day like St. Patrick’s Day became synonymous with celebration. But let’s say we took the idea and ran with it.

Many folks of Irish descent moved throughout the world during the Irish migration and took their traditions with them. This turns St. Patrick’s Day from a holy day to a celebration of everything Irish!

The first St. Patrick’s Day parade wasn’t in Ireland at all, but in Boston in 1737! Soon other cities followed, such as New York City. By the 20th century, almost every area with an Irish population had their own St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Even Ireland!

Besides St. Patrick not even being Irish, many traditions we associate with St. Patrick’s Day don’t come from Ireland either! Though influence does come from the Emerald Isle. The wearing of the green is a way to show Irish pride. Don’t leave home without something green when you’re going out to the bar!

Speaking of bars, remember when Lent was mentioned earlier? Lent doesn’t let you drink to excess or eat meat. Maybe that’s why so many traditional St. Patrick’s Day food dishes involve beef, lamb and pork to go with their soda bread? St. Patrick’s Day seems a good reason to lift Lent restrictions and have a pint! Perhaps this may be why St. Patrick’s Day and bar hopping go
together. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a great sleep

Furthermore, because it’s Irish, the drinks of choice are typically whiskey and beer. If you see green beer at whichever bar you’re celebrating at, thank Dr. Curtin. In 1914 he shows how a drop of blue coloring makes a vibrant emerald green pint of beer! Don’t forget to drop a clover in your glass for good luck! The food coloring has made its way to other foods over the years; even McDonald’s Shamrock Shake!

Wow! With all that rich food and drink, you must sleep it off on an O Mattress from Mattress Omni.

Sleeping it Off on the Morning After

Ever go to sleep after a few glasses of wine and wake up feeling cranky and sore? Sure, that may be normal. However, contrary to popular belief, alcohol before bed is not good for your sleep cycle.

It’s called the “rebound effect.” Once the alcohol is out of your bloodstream, the tiniest thing can wake you up out of your slumber. It can be a change in light, in sound, or even in your lumpy old innerspring mattress.

And then there’s the hangover!

Eating all that Irish stew and soda bread will help you take on those drinks. But your stomach might protest the overeating and drinking, giving the rebound effect yet another excuse to wake you up throughout the night.

How to properly sleep it off? First, you want to climb into a nice, comfortable Mattress Omni O Mattress. Our memory foam mattress has three layers teaming up to cradle you after you paint the town green. The OmniCool cooling gel memory foam keeps you cool all night. The OmniEvolution luxury foam supports your body and cradles you. Even the OmniFoundation compression
foam reduces the tossing and turning that triggersMake the hangover go away with the O Mattress
the rebound effect.

If you can’t sleep on your back, which is terrible for you after a night of partying, don’t worry!
The O Mattress provides the perfect relief and support for back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers alike.

And make sure you drink water at your party, or just before crashing on your O Mattress! Have a glass of water ready when you wake up too.
The hangover is nature’s way of telling you you’re dehydrated. A piece of fruit also helps your body get over the morning after.

Thick blinds, eye mask, and earplugs are great for fighting the rebound effect too.

In case you still don’t feel great, don’t worry. We make a plush, quilted, breathable memory foam mattress cover for our O Mattress. It’s also removable for easy cleaning.

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