The Mattress Turkey Dump

Dump your old mattress this Thanksgiving like a good ol turkey dump.

It’s the holiday season once again, and you know what that means? The office parties, visiting with friends and loved ones, and tons of shopping. You can bet the next couple of months will be hectic! It kicks off with the Thanksgiving Day long weekend, with the Black Friday, Cyber Monday specials and Turkey Dump that come with it.

Wait… Turkey Dumps?

Believe it or not, we’re not here to talk about the Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals coming up this long weekend. No, you can hear of our online mattress deals elsewhere as we get into the spirit of Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

We’re here to talk to you about something else. It’s about more than the Thanksgiving long weekend. More than just the traditional football game and backyard football with the family. More than the heated discussions with relatives on politics, the TV specials, playing with the nieces and nephews. And of course, preparing a monstrous Thanksgiving Day meal featuring the most mouth-watering turkey you can create (with all the fixin’s of course!).

Thanksgiving means change too, and we’re not just talking in terms of the seasons.

No, this time we’re talking of relationships. A long-term relationship to be exact. One you’ve held onto for years and through that reason or another you keep hanging onto it, well after the signs of its end has long passed. Thanksgiving is one of the most popular times to declare a relationship to be done, according to Cosmopolitan.

That relationship is your tired, worn-out mattress. Moreover, we at Mattress Omni mattresses are here to help!

Another Kind of Turkey Dump

Everyone knows of the Thanksgiving Turkey Dump.

Omni Mattress explains the turkey dump
The Turkey Dump is taking on a new meaning this Thanksgiving.

The holiday season phenomenon where breakups spike significantly between the Thanksgiving Day long weekend and two weeks before Christmas. The phenomenon started with high-school couples who leave for college but try to keep their relationships long distance. However, with the temptation of a new school and new people, the long-distance relationship doesn’t last. So, when the departed college students come back home during their Thanksgiving break, they break up with their boyfriend or girlfriend.

That is the turkey dump.

And it’s not just for students anymore.
Thanksgiving weekend sees a spike in relationship breakups, says pop culture and fashion magazine NYLON. As high as 36% of all breakups happening at this time of the year.

The turkey dump doesn’t only have to be in regard to your old relationships. It’s synonymous with change, too. Out with the old, in with the new. People are giving their lives the turkey dump, from self-improvement to financial goals, the turkey dump isn’t just about leaving the relationships that are dragging you down. It’s can be adopting something new that will build you back up.

That’s where a turkey drop on your mattress comes into play.

Consumer Reports shares that a good innerspring mattress has a limited lifespan of 10 years or fewer. As far as relationships go, that’s committed. Only marriages last that long or longer! However, after ten years you and your mattress wear on each other, and not for the good of your relationship together.

As you get older, your tolerance for an uncomfortable mattress grows less and less. Moreover, your mattress might do the right things to take care of itself; rotating and flipping over every few months so the innerspring coils don’t sag. Being constantly cleaned to prevent dust mites, maybe not letting the kids roughhouse and jump on top of the mattress.

The Time Has Come

All the same, eventually you and your mattress will feel the years. You’ll experience more allergic reactions or irritation due to skin flakes, dust mites, and allergens. Your back will hurt more as your mattress loses its spring, and therefore loses the support it needs to keep your back aligned and your muscles relaxed. Those accumulated aches and pains throw off your sleep cycle. Your mattress is keeping you up at night, making your sleep less relaxing and refreshing.

Sometimes, the relationship with your mattress can get so terrible you might as well be sleeping in a hole for the good it’s doing you. Daily News speaks with a doctor on the very subject. However, it’s understandable. When a good innerspring mattress can cost thousands, it makes sense a person sticks with it until the relationship has long turned cold, painful, uncomfortable. That hole we mentioned earlier? That’s probably where you want to bury your old mattress and leave it. But parting is so difficult to do, especially after all the years you shared together.

Get rid of your back pain with a new mattress from Omni Mattress.
Need to dump your old, painful mattress? Now is the time!

The eroded relationship between you and your mattress is more apparent when you have guests over. That old mattress you shuffled off into the guest room or that old couch you would use when you and your mattress needed some time apart? They are no substitute for a real mattress, and your guests will know it.

Moreover, think of what a bad mattress relationship is doing to your children! The correct amount of good, quality sleep is vital for their growth and health. Have a look at this helpful sleep info from Mattress Help, with references to the National Sleep Foundation.

Dump them like yesterday’s turkey. It’s better to take the momentary pain of a hard breakup than a lifetime of back abuse.

No Need to Fear – Memory Foam is Here!

We at Mattress Omni are here to help. After your turkey dump, let us introduce you to your brand-new memory foam mattress. Affectionately called The O Mattress, you’ll find the mattress sure to please. Exactly what you need when you’re on a mattress relationship rebound.

The O Mattress comes with three layers of memory foam comfort. Two inches of OmniCool cooling gel memory foam to support and embrace the sleeper without being too stifling and stuffy. Two inches of OmniEvolution luxury foam to support you and your back during hard times. Even 6 inches of OmniFoundation compression foam to smooth over rocky motion transfers and act as the foundation of your new mattress relationship. All wrapped in a comfortable, cuddly, sleek and sexy quilted, breathable mattress covering.

This new relationship with your Mattress Omni memory foam mattress is built to last too! Memory foam mattresses are more durable than their innerspring mattress counterparts, so we’re not afraid to put a 20-year warranty on your memory foam mattress. That’s how confident we are this relationship will last a long time!

Further, we know how much a good relationship puts a strain on your finances. Mattresses are no different; they need work and commitment too! That’s why you can get approved for up to a $3000 spending limit using the O PowerLine. Instant approval, even with Bad Credit or No Credit. You can introduce The O Mattress to your friends and family, even during the holidays like Thanksgiving!

The turkey dump can be difficult, especially after those fond, restful memories. But sometimes it’s best just to let go. The turkey dump is to focus on change, and with that change comes optimism it will be a change for the better.

Nothing’s better than a memory foam mattress from Mattress Omni that will be there to support you no matter what.

So maybe it’s time do the turkey dump and get introduced to the new love of your life?




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