Discover the Best Mattress for Valentine’s Day

A memory foam mattress for your relationship

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and you know what that means? Flowers and chocolates? A night on the town and dinner for two at a fancy and expensive restaurant? A movie or a show, basking in each other’s mutual affection as you cuddle close and show the world how much in love you are?

Well yes, there’s all that and more. Valentine’s Day is about expressing your love for your significant other through grand and affectionate gestures and gifts.

And at the risk of being a tad too informal, Valentine’s Day also ends at your bed.

Now before you snicker at the prospect of ending a great Valentine’s date with a romp under the sheets, remember that we’re all adults here, right? Why wouldn’t you want your Valentine’s Day to end at the boudoir, where your bed is the centerpiece? If there’s one night in the year where a couple’s in the mood for love, Valentine’s Day is it!

So, it’s best not to ruin your sweet evening with a tired, old, saggy, disgusting mattress. Nobody wants to make love on that! Otherwise, you’re left drowning your sorrows with your own piece of the 58 million pounds of chocolate sold each year for this holiday. Get the O Mattress from Mattress Omni to save your Valentine’s Day. We’ll tell you why the O Mattress is perfect to bring out the O’s in your partner, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any other day.

A Good Relationship
Buy your partner the best sleep this Valentine's DayStarts with a Strong


Everyone knows a working relationship has a solid bedrock of trust and support. That’s why the lover in you will love the O Mattress from Mattress Omni. Because we know a good relationship starts with the right foundation.

And our foundation is the OmniFoundation compression foam. Six inches of firm, resilient
compression foam is the ultimate support for your bedroom relationship. Solid yet pliant enough when you sleep! Plus, resilient and soft enough when you’re… doing other things. Know the OmniFoundation has you and your lover’s back no matter what! Because once the fun is over, it’ll still be there for you when you go to sleep.

Ain’t Got a Thing if You Ain’t Got That Spring


Part of the appeal of gettin’ down on your mattress is the spring and bounce! Without that springiness, your mattress will be as stiff as a by-the-sleep-number lovin’. Where’s the fun and romance in that? You and your memory foam mattress need to spice things up a bit!

No doubt if there is one issue lovers point out for memory foam mattresses, it’s the bounce and spring that makes a bedroom sweat session fun. Put the bounce back in your love life with O Mattress’s OmniEvolution luxury foam. With the right amount of support and spring, you’ll be bouncing for joy while you bounce on the bed.

Cool Comfort for Heated Passion


When things get hot and sweaty, it pays to cool off by any means. That’s why our O Mattress has a gel-infused foam layer on top. Our patented OmniCool cooling gel memory foam makes for the coolest mattress ever! Cool to the touch, and able to absorb and dissipate enough body heat for two, it solves overheating from exertion. And the top layer conforms to your body, so it doesn’t matter if you and your lover look different, weigh differently, or sleep differently. The O Mattress will cradle you like they made it for you.

The Removable Cover for Under the Covers


With eight solid inches of memory foam in three comfortable layers, you’ll be glad to know the O Mattress from Mattress Omni comes with its own removable protective cover. You’ll fall in love with its quilted, plush, breathable surface. Especially as it wicks away heat and moisture, working in tandem with the OmniCool layer to leave you cool and refreshed.

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If a hypoallergenic surface isn’t enough, then a cleanable mattress cover must seal the deal. The mattress cover zippers for easy removal and quick laundering. Cleaning spills, stains, and allergens has never been easier. And considering this is the mattress for love, you’ll want a removable cover, something you can’t do with your average innerspring mattress.

I’m sure you don’t need me to go into further detail. Trust me, you’ll want the removable cover.

Faithful for Years and Years


Multiple sessions or one-night stands, we know the last thing you want is your mattress walking out on you because of wear and tear. A memory foam mattress must be reliable and last through the years, just as any good relationship.

Mattress Omni is so confident it’s high-quality memory foam mattress will be with you through thick and thin, we put an industry leading 20-year warranty on every O Mattress. How’s that for commitment?

Meet You at Your Place


You won’t have to ask the O Mattress whether it’s ‘your place or mine.’ Mattress Omni delivers to your door! Because when you go searching for a new mattress relationship, you don’t want to run around carrying dead weight. Didn’t you learn that lesson with your old innerspring mattress? It even ships to your door in a box the size of a mini-fridge! Your O Mattress will make a great first impression when you unwrap and unfurl it on your bed. It grows within minutes, ready for immediate action!

No Fear of Rejection Here


And the O Mattress doesn’t expect much either. Just about anyone can get approved for an O Mattress memory foam mattress. Bad credit or no credit won’t mean a rejection letter from this faithful partner! Whether you’re looking for a Queen or a California King-size mattress, it’s waiting for you on our online mattress catalog. You can get approved within minutes! All you must do is wait for the best mattress of your life to arrive at your door.

Do yourself and your significant other a favor this Valentine’s Day. Light up the night with an O Mattress from Mattress Omni. America’s favorite mattress is also a favorite for lovers!